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Does Your Kid Know How To Breathe?

Does Your Kid Know How To Breathe?

Youth Fitness
Article by: USA Ninja Challenge

From the monks on the highest mountain tops to the ants beneath our boots, oxygen is essential and we can't live without it!

The average individual breathes improperly and uncontrolled and the sporadic breathing has been attributed to anxiety as well and in our classrooms one of the simplest, yet most powerful tools our coaches employ is deep breathing!

This poor breathing affects our blood flow, digestion and even cognitive functions.

Basic breathing techniques is how we regain control of the classrooms, empower focus and help better utilize their muscles.

Try practicing some deep breathing exercises with your kids and see how it can help both you, the parents, and the kids!

Have them sit or lay down in a comfortable position, close their eyes and take a deep inhale for a few seconds and then follow up with slow and controlled exhale. Try it for 5 minutes, together, and tell us how it goes!

Methods like this is how we manage our classes and our camps a

"The One Who Masters Breathing, Masters Life."